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Our Goal

The Calm Society

In such a fast-moving world, it is vital to take care of your well-being. The Calm Society is here to support you with your journey and achieve your goals. Everyone needs something different in their day, and with extensive research into essential oils, we can add stability where you need it most.

The Calm Society is passionate about improving your time at home, creating a balanced environment that works for your individual needs. We are dedicated to providing the best quality products and gifts, handmade with care, whilst upholding our strong values.

Our Story

The Calm Society

We are a family run company passionate about wellness, quality and bespoke products. Our society is you, creating a community focused on everything well-being. Join our movement today, keep up to date and stay mindful.

The Calm Society has crafted an intimate selection of handmade candles, oils and gifts expertly combined with popular essential oils.

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Using our in-house team of experts, we have created our seven signature blends tailored towards your feelings.

Our products, designed and produced in small batches, are here to help you relax, unwind and reach a calm state of mind. Welcome to the calm society.

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Elevate your mind
body and soul

Do you need to heighten focus? Perhaps a boost of energy or sleep encouragement? Do you desire to de-stress? The Calm Society are here to elevate your mind body and soul.

Our values

The Calm Society


    All of our quality ingredients are traceable back to their source.


    All of our products are, and always will be 100% vegan.


    Our products are handmade in the UK. And we’re proud of that.


    We surround ourselves with like-minded individuals. After all, it’s about the company you keep.


    If it isn’t natural and ethically sourced, you can count us out.


    We channel our care for wellbeing into very product we create.

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