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Sleep Essential Oil


We’re all looking for the perfect night’s sleep. Effortlessly slip into a world of REM with our Sleep Essential Oil.

This sleep-inducing essential oil blend contains Lavender, Orange, Eucalyptus & Cedarwood. Ingredients that relieve pain and tension throughout the body, creating a sense calm and relaxation.

10ml Essential Oils
Cedarwood, Rosemary, Peppermint, Lemongrass & Lime.

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  • 100%

    Natural ingredients, hand-picked for their ability to enhance a range of moods

  • 7

    Seven mood enhancing blends to promote inner balance and healthy wellbeing

  • Vegan

    Making our products accessible to everyone. All our products are, and always will be 100% vegan

  • Gift

    Handmade candles and essential oils make the perfect gift for loved ones of all ages

Elevate your Mind
Body and Soul

Sleep Signature Ingredients

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